What’s Fresh

Find a fresh sheet here each week — a list of what’s available at the stand, prices, and the farm that grows each item. Don’t see your favorite thing? Email us at roarseattle@gmail.com with requests and we’ll do our best to track it down!



Apples, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp & Jonagold – $2.25/pound – Collins Family Orchard, Selah & Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson

Pears, Bosc & D’Anjou – $2.25/pound – Collins Family Orchard, Selah

Quince – $2.25/pound – Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson


Beets – $1.50/bunch – Cabrera Farms, Skagit Valley

Carrots – $2/bunch – Cabrera Farms, Skagit Valley & Osprey Hill Farm, Acme

Watermelon Radishes – $1.50/pound – The Crows Farm, Skagit Valley

Parsnips – $1.50/pound – Ralph’s Greenhouse, Mt Vernon

Peanuts – $3/pound – Alvarez Organics, Mabton

Potatoes, Purple Fiesta and Amarosa fingerling, Yukon Gold – $1.50/pound – Osprey Hill Farm, Acme

Onions, Walla Walla sweet – $1/pound – Alvarez Organics

Shallots – $6/pound – Boldly Grown Farm, Skagit Valley

Garlic – $8/pound – Osprey Hill Farm, Acme


Broccoli – $1.50/pound – Hopewell Farm, Everson

Brussels sprouts – $4/pound – Hopewell Farm, Everson

Cauliflower – $3/pound – The Crows Farm, Skagit Valley

Fennel – $1.75/each – Highwater Farm, Skagit Valley

Leafy Greens – Spinach, Rainbow Chard, Collards, Lacinato Kale – $2/bunch – Cabrera Farm, Skagit Valley & Osprey Hill Farm, Acme

Cabbage, Savoy – $1.50/pound – Cabrera Farm, Skagit Valley

Herbs – sage, mint, parsley – $1.50/bunch – Osprey Hill Farm, Acme

Leeks – $1.50/pound – Ralph’s Greenhouse, Mt Vernon

Mushrooms – Chanterelle, $13/pound & Shiitake $8/pound – Cascadia Mushroom Co., Bellingham

Peppers, mixed sweet & spicy varieties – $3/pound – Alvarez Organics, Mabton

Tomatoes, cherry – $5/pint – Hedlin Farms, Skagit Valley

Tomatoes, heirloom – $3.50/pound – Osprey Hill Farm, Acme

Winter Squash – delicata, butternut, green kabocha, winter luxury pumpkin, acorn – $1.00/pound – Boldly Grown Farm and Cabrera Farms, Skagit Valley

Dry beans – black, red chili, mayo coba, garbanzo – $3/pound – Alvarez Organics



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Looking for inspiration? The Recipes page has a few examples of how to prepare fresh produce; please email us your pics and recipes so we can share that collective wisdom with the community here!