What’s Fresh

Find a fresh sheet here each week — a list of what’s available at the stand, prices, and the farm that grows each item. Don’t see your favorite thing? Email us at roarseattle@gmail.com with requests and we’ll do our best to track it down!



Apples, Honeycrisp – $2.50/pound – Collins Family Orchard, Selah

Ground Cherries – $3.50/pint – Regeneration Farm, Woodinville & Mariposa Farm, Yakima

Pluots – $2.50/pound – Collins Family Orchard, Selah

Nectarines – $2.25/pound – Collins Family Orchard, Selah

Pears, Bartlett – $2/pound – Amador Farms, Yakima

Blueberries – $3.50/pint – Silva Family Farm, Skagit Valley

Grapes, Lynden Blue concord variety – $3.50/pound – Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson


Beets – $1.50/bunch – Sky Island Farm, Humptulips & High Point P-Patch Market Garden, Seattle

Carrots – $2/bunch – Sweet Hollow Farm, Woodinville

Radishes – $1/bunch – Sky Island Farm, Humptulips

Potatoes, purple & red – $2/pound – Faithbeyond Farm, Enumclaw

Scallions – $1.50/bunch – Mariposa Farm

Garlic – $10/pound – Regeneration Farm, Woodinville


Bitter Melon – $2/pound – Sariwa Farm, Woodinville

Broccoli – $2.50/pound – The Crows Farm, Skagit Valley

Cauliflower – $2/each – Amador Farm, Yakima Valley

Cucumber, amazing varieties! Armenian, slicing, lemon, etc – $1.50/pound – Sariwa Farm & Sweet Hollow Farm, Woodinville

Sanditas/Cucamelon – $5/pound – Sariwa Farm, Woodinville

Fennel – $2/each – Mariposa Farm

Amaranth, Perilla/Shiso – $2/bunch – Sweet Hollow Farm, Woodinville

Rainbow Chard, Kale – Faithbeyond Farm, Enumclaw & High Point P-Patch Market Garden

Collard Greens – $1.50/bunch – Sky Island Farm, Humptulips

Radicchio & Frisee – $1/each – Sky Island Farm, Humptulips

Salad Mix – $2.50/bag – Sky Island Farm, Humptulips

Cabbage – $1.25/pound – Sweet Hollow Farm, Woodinville

Herbs – mint, basil, cilantro – $2/bunch – High Point P-Patch Market Garden

Leeks – $1.50/bunch – Ralph’s Greenhouse, Mt Vernon

Mushrooms – Chanterelle, $13/pound  – Cascadia Mushroom Co., Bellingham

Peppers, mixed sweet & spicy varieties – $2.50/pound – Faithbeyond Farm, Enumclaw

Tomatoes, cherry – $3.50/pint – Faithbeyond Farms, Enumclaw

Tomatoes, heirloom varieties – $2.50/pound – Sariwa Farm & Xai Cha Farm, Woodinville

Summer Squash/Zucchini – $1.50/pound – Faithbeyond Farms, Enumclaw

Winter Squash – delicata, green kabocha, mashed potato acorn – $2.00/pound – Sariwa Farm & Regeneration Farm, Woodinville, Mariposa Farm, Yakima



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Looking for inspiration? The Recipes page has a few examples of how to prepare fresh produce; please email us your pics and recipes so we can share that collective wisdom with the community here!