Rachel ROARRachel Tefft is a registered dietitian and director of Roots of All Roads.  She has a passion for working with nutrition as a vehicle to empower and connect individuals to their food, body, environment and community. Through nutrition education and skill building, she works to encourage others to take an active role in their health by addressing various barriers present. Rachel believes in considering the holistic impact that our food choices have. She is also very drawn to exploring the healing traditions of different cultures centered around practices that nourish the body through not just what foods are consumed but also the way in which they are cultivated, prepared and shared.

Born and raised among the slugs and cedars of Cascadia, Claire West engages food justice as an ecologist,Claire an organizer, and a woman of faith. A lifelong gardener, her only greater joy than digging in the dirt is bringing others to the work. She holds a BA in Community and Environmental Planning from the University of Washington, and an M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, where she served with the Edible Churchyard program, bringing communities of faith to a deeper connection with food and land through scripture and theological reflection. She is excited to share the region’s bounty and co-create community with the ROAR team this summer.


Raised in Texas, Elliott Smith is now a Masters in Public Health candidate at the University of Washington and he also works with a local family foundation. He believes in the power of food to build community, and he’s an avid gardener, cook, and canner of local goods. He has lived in Hillman City for almost two years and if he were a vegetable, he’d be a artichoke.