… Aaand We’re Back

ROARing into our *fifth* season slinging veggies on the side of the road, the farm stand is here for 2018 with the help of a LOT of new friends:

We’re honored to partner with Seattle Parks Foundation as our fiscal sponsor. SPF supports policies, investments, and community-based efforts focused on improving the health and happiness of all Seattle residents. We anticipate big growth in the coming months with their help, as we leverage generous financial support from HumanLinks.

SWOONS: We’re making it farm stand-official with the *highly crushable* Nurturing Roots Farm for a South Beacon market on Thursdays. Crash our veggie date nite from 5-9pm on the corner of Beacon Ave S & S Graham St at Bethany Church. PLUS: The westside band is back together for a revival of the Delridge Grocery Co-Op farm stand. Find us off Delridge Way at SW Findlay every Tuesday 3-7pm. Finally (FINALLY!), the Seattle Indian Health Board market is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! All clinic patients, families, and staff can get in on the goodness. Spread the word!

Look for some new faces this year — we have some hyperlocal helpers joining the seasonal staff. El Centro (now on Fridays!) welcomes Joanne and Mia, who are residents at Plaza Roberto Maestas. Paul and Andrea will tag-team in Delridge, but y’all already know them, right? Serena is back at it in High Point — HURRAH! More announcements forthcoming; check our Staff page soon for pics and bios. Now, the Fresh List:



Apples, pink lady – $2/lb. – Collins Family Orchard, Selah

Strawberries – $3.00/pint – Pure Nelida Farms, Mt Vernon & Sidhu Farms, Puyallup

Rhubarb – $2/lb – Living Rain Farm, Mt Vernon

Beets! golden, red , chioggia – $3/bu – Alvarez Organics, Mabton

Garlic Scapes – The Crows Farm, Skagit County

Garlic – $10/lb – Cabrera Farms, Burlington

Spring garlic & onions – $1.60/bu – Alvarez Organics, Mabton

Fava beans – $3.25/lb – Alvarez Organics, Mabton

Kale, lacinato – $1.70/bu – Slanted Sun Farm, Everson

Chard, rainbow – $1.50/bu – Ralph’s Greenhouse, Mt Vernon

Lettuce, read oak leaf – $1.70/Head – Pure Nelida Farms, Mt Vernon

Radish, Easter egg – $2.50/bu- Caruso Farm, Snohomish

Snap Peas – $4.25/lb – Alvarez Organics, Mabton

Mushrooms, shiitake – $7.75/lb – Cascadia Mushrooms, Bellingham

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