Produce year-round in Hillman City!

HC produce 2

Our friends at Harameyn Halal Grocery, on Rainier Ave S & S Juneau St. in Hillman City, are now selling fresh produce seven days a week, 10 am-10 pm!  In partnership with the City of Seattle they are participating in the Fresh Bucks program, which means that shoppers can double their dollars using EBT when purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables.

ROAR will be helping Harameyn management to connect with local farmers for their ordering, so you can look forward to supporting both small business in the neighborhood and small, sustainable Washington farms AT THE SAME TIME! Make sure to stop in and say hello to ZamZam and the fam at Harameyn, and pick up fresh veggies and anything else on your shopping list — they have everything, from socks to spices to super delicious mango juice. How lucky we are to have this treasure in Hillman City!


What’s Fresh at the farm stand!

Squash, Summer Mix - Hedlin Farm - $2/pound

Collard Greens - Ralph’s Greenhouse - $1.60 /bunch

Spaghetti Squash - Boldly Grown Farm - $1.50/pound - CUTEST SQUASH EVER

Delicata Squash - Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson -  $1/pound - ALSO BEAUTIFUL SQUASH

Garlic, Purple Glazer - The Crows Farm - $.50/each

Quince! City Harvest, Seattle - $3/pound

Red Cabbage - Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson - $1/pound

Beets - High Point Market Garden - $2/bunch

Herbs! Basil, Mint - High Point Market Garden - $2/bunch

Kale - High Point Market Garden - $2/bunch

Cherry Tomatoes - High Point Market Garden - $2/pound

Heirloom Tomatoes - Xai Cha Farm - $3.25/pound

SOLD OUT Peaches - Collins Family Orchard - $2/pound

SOLD OUT Shitake Mushrooms - Dog Island Mushrooms - $3/pint

SOLD OUT Kosui Asian Pears - Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson - $3/pound

SOLD OUT Pluots - Collins Family Orchard - $2/pound

SOLD OUT Corn, Bi-color - Hopewell Farm - $.50/ear

SOLD OUT Corn, Purple-sweet - Southern Exposure Family Farm - $.50/ear

SOLD OUT Onions - Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson - $1.30/pound

SOLD OUT Swiss Chard - High Point Market Garden - $2/bunchHC produce

SOLD OUT Cucumbers, white and lemon - Xai Cha Farm - 2 for $1

SOLD OUT Broccoli - Hopewell Farm - $2/pound

SOLD OUT Kohlrabi - CityGrown Farm - $2.50/bunch


HC produce 3

New produce section at Harameyn Halal Grocery in Hillman City



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