Welcome to the Fungi Kingdom!

Mushroom 2

What’s Fresh at the farm stand!

GRAPES! Lynden Blue, Jupiter, and Interlaken table varieties - Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson - $3.25/pound

Blueberries - Sidhu Farms - $2.50/pint

Shitake Mushrooms - Dog Island Mushrooms - $2.50/pound

Kosui Asian Pears and Orcas Pears - Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson - $3/pound

Plums - Collins Family Orchard - $2/pound

Corn, sweet yellow - Hedlin Farms - $.50/ear

Green Beans - New Holly Market Garden - $3/pound

Carrots - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

Beets, Red - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

Onions - New Holly Market Garden - $2/pound

Radish - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

Bok Choi - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

Swiss Chard - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

Cilantro - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

Lettuce - New Holly Market Garden - $2/head

Sungold Tomatoes - New Holly Market Garden - $3.50/pint

Heirloom Tomatoes - Xai Cha Farm - $3.25/pound

Cucumbers, white and lemon - Xai Cha Farm - 2 for $1

Turnips, Japanese Hakurei - Osprey Hill Farm - $2/bunch

Broccoli - Hopewell Farm - $2/pound

Kohlrabi - CityGrown Farm - $2.50/bunch

Squash, Summer Mix - New Holly Market Garden - $2/pound

Collard Greens - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

Peppers - New Holly Market Garden and Magana Farm- $2/pound


Qi Lou from Dog Island Mushrooms

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