Welcome back autumn! Welcome back grapes!


Zainab, a member of the Kent Food Co-op, running the farm stand at the Kent Community Market in East Hill

This summer we were honored and excited to partner with Living Well Kent during the launch of their monthly Community Market.  Living Well Kent (LWK) is a community-driven collaborative dedicated to the vision of public spaces and initiatives that encourage healthier lifestyles and better living. It is focused on creating a healthier, more equitable and more sustainable city.

Through a food assessment by LWK’s Food Policy Council it was found that Kent residents, many of whom are newcomers to this country, were not able to access affordable produce and/or culturally significant products.  With the vision to create jobs alongside the food access work, the Kent Food Co-op and Community Markets were created!

The Food Co-op met regularly to plan and discuss the future of the market.  Community Markets were held monthly, May - September, and included locally grown produce, baked goods, local crafts, live music, dance performance and kids programming.

The final Community Market will be held this Saturday, 9:30 am - 3:00 pm, at Morrill Meadows Park in Kent’s East Hill Neighborhood.  Come by and meet the members of the Kent Food Co-op and celebrate what they have created together!

Kent Class

Andrea Wilmot, from Delridge Co-op, leading the monthly class for the Kent Food Co-op with special guest instructor Natalie Evans, director of the Bellevue Farmers Market

What’s Fresh at the farm stand!

GRAPES! Lynden Blue SOLD OUT, Jupiter, and Interlaken table varieties - Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson - $3.25/pound

Chojuro Asian Pears - Hima Farms, Everett - $1.60/pound

Apples, Honeycrisp - Collins Family Orchard, Selah - $2.50/pound

Peaches, freestone - Collins Family Orchard - $2/pound

Plums - Collins Family Orchard - $2/pound

Corn, sweet yellow - Hedlin Farms - $.50/ear

Green Beans - Hopewell Farm, Everson - $2/pound

Carrots - Ralph’s Greenhouse, Mt Vernon - $1.75/bunch

Beets, Red - Hopewell Farm - $1.50/bunch

Squash, Red Kuri - Cabrera Farms - $1.65/pound

Onions, Red - Cedarville Farm - $1.25/pound

Peppers, jalapeño and shishito - Sidhu Farms, Puyallup - $2/pound

Cucumbers, slicing - Sidhu Farms - $2/pound


SOLD OUT Turnips, Japanese Hakurei - Osprey Hill Farm - $2/bunch

SOLD OUT Onions, Green Scallions - CityGrown Farms - $1.50/bunch

SOLD OUT Broccoli - Hopewell Farm - $2/pound

SOLD OUT Kohlrabi - CityGrown Farm - $2.50/bunch

SOLD OUT Squash, Summer Mix - Osprey Hill Farm - $1.50/pound

SOLD OUT Collard Greens - Slanted Sun Farm - $1.75/bunch


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