Meet Earl! And other vegetable delights.


Serena and Earl

Serena and Earl at the Rainier Beach farm stand, 2017


Sarah and Earl

Sarah and Earl at the High Point farm stand, 2017

There are moments each season when a special veggie comes our way.  Sometimes it is something we have never seen before, or something much bigger than we expected.  Other times it has a special meaning to one of our shoppers, a connection deeper than it’s nutrients alone.

These surprises over the years have reminded me of the deep joy that these fruits and vegetables are capable of bringing to us and how amazing it is to get to spend time with them at the farm stands and see them spread this happiness!

This season one of these magic vegetables came to us in the form of an 11.5 pound Carafax Cabbage from Osprey Hill Farm.  Serena quickly named him Earl and he has traveled to our different farm stand locations with us.  Neighbors who have seen him on our Facebook page have come down to have their photo taken with him, shoppers have guessed his weight, many folks have debated what to do with him in the kitchen and he was even featured on a local youth media show in Rainier Beach!

Sometimes you need an enormously oversized squash to remember how fun these gifts from nature are.  To take a minute and laugh with strangers at a farm stand when someone has pug goggle-y eyes on a fennel.  To make a cabbage the star of a local news show.  Thank you Mother Earth and all our fruit and vegetable friends for reminding us how to enjoy the small (and extremely oversized) things in life!

What’s Fresh at the Farm Stand!


Lisa meeting this sweet baby Strawberry Corn from Nurturing Roots Farm at the Seattle Indian Health Board farm stand 2016


Patrice, a large zucchini and the Corner Greeters at the Rainier Beach farm stand in 2016


Tara teaching us that Fennel is much more than an herb, it can also be a friend! High Point farm stand 2015

Blackberries/Blueberries - Sidhu Farm, Puyallup - $2.50/pint

Peaches, freestone Regina - Collins Family Orchard - $2/pound

Nectarines - Collins Family Orchard - $2/pound

White and Lemon Cucumbers - $2/pound

Rhubarb - Sua Yang Farm -$2/large bunch

Ground Cherries - Red Barn Ranch - $3.50/pint

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes - New Holly Market Garden - $3/pound

Red Cherry Tomatoes - High Point Market Garden - $3/pound

Heirloom Tomatoes - New Holly Market Garden -$3.25/pound

Japanse eggplant - New Holly Market Garden - $2/pound

Peppers - Magana Farm, Sunnyside - $2/pound

Cucumbers -New Holly Market Garden - $2/pound

Summer Squash - New Holly Market Garden - $2/pound

Corn, sweet bicolor - Hopewell Farm, Everson - $.50/ear

Onion, Walla Walla Sweets - New Holly Market Garden - $2/pound

Beets - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

Carrots, rainbow - Red Shed Farm - $2/bunch

Green Beans - New Holly Market Garden - $3/pound

Broccoli - Hopewell Farm, Everson - $1.75/pound

Collab Tomato

A tomato grown in the Collab Garden by Taste International in 2014

Lacinato Kale - Slanted Sun Farm - $1.50/bunch

Herbs - New Holly Market Garden and High Point Market Garden- $2/bunch

Garlic, Purple Glazer - The Crows Farm - $8/pound

Fingerling Potatoes - High Point Market Garden - $3/pound

Fennel - The Crows Farm - $1.75/each

Shitake Mushrooms - Dog Island Mushrooms -$3/pint

Rachel and a carrot

Rachel picking a huge carrot at Caruso farm in 2015

Cabbage, Carafax (Earl) - Osprey Hill Farm - $13.50 for an 11.5 pound cabbage

Shallots - Cedarville Farm - $3/pound

Romaine Lettuce - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

Rainbow Chard - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch


A fennel for Heather at the Indian Health Board farm stand, 2016

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