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We really truly love our farmers and this week want to make sure that you all know the very best accompaniment to the fresh vegetables they are growing for you- Black Eyed Pea Hummus!

Meet the mother/son team of That Brown Girl Cooks!, Chef Kristi Brown and Damon Bomar.  That Brown Girl Cooks! is based out of south Seattle; providing education opportunities for families, creating neighborhood pop-ups, offering catering services and adding their magic to their black-eyed pea hummus!  Check out their website to learn more about how this team is healing the community through healthy and delicious food, imagination, tradition and culture.  Pick up their hummus at any of these local spots, it will become your carrot’s new best friend!

I met Kristi about five years ago when we were both working at a small farmers market on First Hill.  Kristi’s vision and love for what she is doing truly inspired me and her’s was one of the voices in my head when I started out to discover what a mobile farm stand might look like.  She is now looking to grow her business further and is participating in the Impact Pitch competition, which will provide funding to local business owners based on community feedback.  Please take a minute and listen to Kristi and Damon talk about the work they are doing and vote here!

I can not wait to see, and taste, what they do next!

“Food is nourishment.  It is culture.  It is community.” - That Brown Girl Cooks

Here’s what’s fresh at the farm stand this week:

Peaches, freestone - Collins family Orchard - $2/pound


Tomatillos - Red Barn Ranch, Farm Works Program - $2/pound

Tomatoes, assorted Heirloom - New Holly Market Garden - $3.25/pound

Tomatoes, assorted heirloom - Xai Cha Farm - $3.25/pound

Bi-Color Corn - Hopewell Farm - $.50/ear

Broccoli - Hopewell Farm - $2/pound

Carrots - Osprey Hill Farm - $1.50/bunch

Berries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries - Sidhu Farms - $2.50/pint

Peppers, Poblano, Sweet Bell and Banana - Magana Farms, Sunnyside - $2/pound

Serrano chiles - Magana Farms - $2/pound

Mustard Greens - High Point Market Garden- $2/bunch

Mizuna - High Point Market Garden - $2/bunch

Cucumber, slicing - New Holly Market Garden & CityGrown Farms - $2/pound

Walla Walla Sweet Onion - New Holly Market Garden - $2/pound

Garlic - The Crows Farm, Skagit Valley - $8/pound

Green Beans - New Holly Market Garden - $3/pound

Fresh Herbs (cilantro, mint, sage, thyme) - New Holly & High Point Market Gardens - $2/bunch

SOLD OUT Okra - Magana Farms - $4/pound

SOLD OUT Cantaloupe - Magana Farms - $3/each

SOLD OUT Oakleaf lettuce - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

SOLD OUT Rainbow Chard - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

SOLD OUT Tomatoes, Sungold cherry - CityGrown Farms - $3.50/pint

SOLD OUT  Japanese Eggplant - New Holly Market Garden - $2/pound

SOLD OUT Ground Cherries - Red Barn Ranch, Farm Works Program - $2/pint

SOLD OUT Nectarines - Magana Farms - $2/pound

SOLD OUT  Apples, ginger gold - Collins Family Orchard - $2/pound

SOLD OUT Plums - Collins Family Orchard - $2/pound

SOLD OUT  Zucchini & Summer Squash - New Holly Market Garden - $2/pound

SOLD OUT Bok Choi - New Holly Market Garden - $2/bunch

SOLD OUT Collards - High Point Market Garden - $2/bunch

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