No Calm and Fix Our Food



Sign from Rainier Beach Freedom School rally last Friday to educate about child hunger and advocate for healthy food in South Seattle 

We see you working hard out there, fighting fascism and smashing white supremacy. Don’t forget to take an occasional pause to nourish your body and spend time recouping with dear ones. ROAR has tons of fruits and vegetables to keep your strength up, grown by several farmers of color here in the northwest. Support yourself *and* support small POC-owned businesses AT THE SAME TIME! Win! win! win! Thank you to these folks who provide fresh, healthy, affordable food to community every day:

Alvarez Organics

New Holly Market Gardeners

Magana Farms

Sidhu Farms

Xai Cha

FARM STANDS THIS WEEK: Tuesday @ Rainier Ave & S. Rose St. | Wednesday @ 32nd & SW Juneau St. | Thursday @ El Centro de la Raza | Friday @ Rainier Ave & S. Orcas St. | All Markets 4-7pm

Peaches – Collins Family Orchard – $2/pound

Apricots – Collins Family Orchard – $2/pound

Plums, Yellow Goose – Osprey Hill Farm – $2/pound

Blueberries – Sidhu Farms, Puyallup – $2.50/pint

Poblano Peppers – Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson – $3/pound

Cherry Tomatoes – Cedarville Farm & CityGrown Seattle – $3.50/pint

Heirloom Tomatoes – Xai Cha Farms, Woodinville – $3.25/pound

Cucumbers, slicing – New Holly Market Garden – $2/pound

Squash – New Holly Market Garden – $2/pound

Fava Beans – Osprey Hill Farm – $2.25/pound

Green Beans – Hopewell Farm – $2.00/pound

Onion sweet – New Holly Market Garden – $2/pound

Beets, variety – New Holly Market Garden – $2/bunch

Broccoli – Hopewell Farm – $1.75/pound

Bac Choi – New Holly Market Garden – $2/bunch

Lettuce, oak leaf – New Holly Market Garden – $2/head

Chard – New Holly Market Garden – $2/bunch

SOLD OUT Watermelon, yellow doll – Alvarez Organics, Mabton – $.70/pound

SOLD OUT Apples, Ginger Gold – Collins Family Orchard – $2/pound

SOLD OUT Eggplant – New Holly Market Garden – $2/pound

SOLD OUT Sweet Corn – Magana Farms, Sunnyside – $.50/ear

MISSING! 😦 Figs – City Fruit, Seattle – $5/pound

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