#EatReal: Radical Vegetable Youth Organizing in South Seattle

We’ll get to the fresh list in a second, but let’s take a moment first to appreciate the work of youth in Delridge and White Center. FEEST, the Food Empowerment Education and Sustainability Team, is a program where young people cook together, making space every week to discuss their lived experiences and how they relate to food justice. They use vegetables to build community power and change the shape of food systems in their neighborhood and in their lives. Maybe you’ve seen their “Make Food, Make Fam” and #EatReal ads on busses and billboards around town? A response to being inundated with fast food restaurants and marketing from soda and junk food companies, this is their counter-marketing campaign encouraging strong relationships through healthy eating. All of this work is youth-led, designed, and implemented. It is amazing and inspiring and gives us chills every time we think about it. Check out the video to hear from youth about FEEST, go see the mural they did at Lee’s Produce in White Center, and look for their ads around town!

Now, on to the fruity business… Here’s what’s fresh this week:

Peaches – Early Red Haven, Clingstone – Collins Family Orchard, Selah – $2/pound

Plums – Collins – $2.50/pound

Apricots – Collins – $2/pound

Berries – Sidhu Farm, Puyallup – $2.50/pint

Watermelon, pink or yellow flesh – Alvarez Organics, Mabton – $.70/pound

Cucumbers – Armenian, lemon, and slicing varieties – Viva Farms, CityGrown Seattle & $1.75/pound

Corn – Magana Farms, Sunnyside – $.50/ear

Rainbow chard – New Holly Market Garden – $2/bunch

Beans, green & purple – New Holly Market Garden – $4/pound

Beets, golden and red varieties – New Holly & Ralph’s Greenhouse – $1.75/bunch

Cabbage, red – Ralph’s Greenhouse, Mt Vernon – $1/pound

Onions, Walla Walla Sweets – New Holly Market Garden – $2/bunch

Lettuce, Romaine – New Holly Market Garden – $2/bunch

Potatoes, mixed varieties, new crop – New Holly Market Garden – $3/pound

Summer Squash – New Holly & Hedlin Farms – $1.75/pound

Tomatoes, Beefsteak slicing – Red Shed Farm, Skagit Valley – $3.25/pound

Tomatoes, Cherry – CityGrown Seattle & Cedarville Farm, Everson – $3.50/pint


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