Huelgas, nectarcots, and other veggie vocabulary

plaza farm stand

Friends of the farm stand Maria and John! Thanks for coming to our new Beacon Hill spot in Plaza Roberto Maestas at El Centro de la Raza.

Plaza Roberto Maestas is our new farm stand spot in Beacon Hill on Thursdays, just around the corner from the Station. ROAR is honored to have the chance to share this public space, in the midst of a mixed-use affordable housing complex built in memoriam to the legacy of former farm worker, foundational Seattle organizer, agitator, and champion of multi-racial coalitions for civil rights, the late Roberto Maestas. This neighborhood is in the midst of social and economic change, like much of south Seattle. The Plaza serves as both symbolic reminder of the past and holds physical space in the present for communities engaged in the work of self-determination. Like Roberto says: The only one who’s gonna save you from you is you. Y’all come, and bring a little extra $$ for tamales, tortas, and pupusas from the other plaza vendors.

Meanwhile, in the Yakima Valley (where Maestas led a farm worker labor strike in 1970 — peep the video!), apricots and nectarines made a fruit baby and it is DELICIOUS. We get them from Collins Family Orchard. They’re called nectarcots. A bargain at $2.50/pound, we stocked up for this week and so should you. Read on for the full fresh list, watch Roberto’s interview, think on the complexity of history, geography, and food systems. La lucha sigue. See you at the farm stand.

Fava Beans – Osprey Hill Farm, Acme – $2.25/pound

Collard Greens – Osprey Hill Farm, Acme – $1.75/bunch

Summer Squash – FaithBeyond Farms, Auburn – $1/pound

Green Beans – Hopewell Farm, Everson – $2/pound

Broccoli – Hopewell Farm, Everson – $2/pound

Sweet Corn – Lyall Farms, Sunnyside – $.50/ear

SOLD OUT Nectarcots – Collins Family Orchard, Selah – $2.50/pound

SOLD OUT Peaches – Collins Family Orchard, Selah – $2/pound

SOLD OUT Cherries, Rainier – Collins Family Orchard, Selah – $4/pound

SOLD OUT Spring Onions – Cedarville Farm, Everson – $2/bunch

SOLD OUT Beets, Red – Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson – $1.50/bunch

SOLD OUT Raspberries – Hima Farms, Everett – $2.50/half pint

SOLD OUT Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries – Sidhu Farms, Puyallup – $2.50/pint

SOLD OUT Sprouting Broccoli – CityGrown Farm, Seattle – $2.50/bunch

SOLD OUT Cucumbers, silver slicers – Klesick Family Farm, Stanwood – $1.50/pound

SOLD OUT Carrots – Ralph’s Greenhouse, Mt. Vernon – $1.50/bunch



Tuesday  – Rainier Ave S. & S. Rose St., 4-7pm
Wednesday – High Point Juneau P-Patch with Market Garden Farmers, 32nd Ave SW & SW Juneau, 4-7pm
Thursday – Plaza Roberto Maestas at El Centro de la Raza, 16th @ Beacon Ave S, 4-7pm
Friday – Hillman City, Rainier Ave S. & S. Orcas St., 4-7pm

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