What’s Fresh at the Farm Stand June 27 – July 1

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Nuestra Mision es de ofrecerle producto fresco y cuidar mas el medio ambiende, y la salud de nuestra Familia y Comunidad.” Bold mission and beautiful produce from this week’s featured farm, Northwest Green Farm. They are growing Mexican calabaza and chilacayotes in Mt. Vernon, along with a large variety of vegetables and fruit. Don’t miss the stunning Walla Walla Sweet onions they sent us for the farm stand this week!

FRESH SHEET – JUNE 27 – July 1

Beets – Ralph’s Greenhouse, Mount Vernon – $1.75/bunch

Carrots – Ralph’s Greenhouse, Mount Vernon – $1.75/bunch

Japanese Turnips – CityGrown Farms, Seattle – $2/bunch

Kohlrabi – CityGrown Farms, Seattle – $2/bunch

Fennel – Cedarville Farm, Bellingham – $2/each

Walla Walla Onions – Northwest Green Farm, Mount Vernon – $1.50/lb

Green Curly Kale – Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson – $1.60/bunch

Green Tomatoes – Hedlin Farms, Mt. Vernon – $2.75/lb

Rainier Cherries – Collins Family Orchard, Selah – $5/lb

Apriums – Collins Family Orchard, Selah – $2.50/lb

Northwest Green Farm

Salvador and Misael Morales Owners and Farmers of Northwest Green Farm


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