Week two of our summer season means STRAWBERRIES! Sidhu Farm in Puyallup and Collins Family Orchards are churning out their first crop of the year, and they’re going fast. Alvarez Organics is back, too, with the sweet, crunchy miracle of snap peas and BEETS. We’re on Beacon Hill Thursday, Hillman City Friday. Read on for the full lineup of offerings, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates. See you at the farm stand!

Thursday – 3-6pm – The Station Coffee Shop, 16th Ave S & S Lander St.

Friday – 4-6pm – Hillman City, Rainier Ave S & S Orcas St.


Pink Lady Apples – Collins Family Orchard, Selah – $2/lb

SOLD OUT Baby Bok Choi – CityGrown Farms, Seattle – $2/bunch

Burlot Cherries – Lyall Farms, Mattawa – $6/lb

Strawberries – Collins Family Orchard, Selah- $3.50/lb

SOLD OUT Asparagus – Alvarez Farm, Mabton – $4.50/lb

Beets – Alvarez Farm, Mabton – $2.75/bunch

Spring Onions – Alvarez Farm, Mabton – $2.00/bunch

Snap Peas – Alvarez Fram, Mabton – $4.50/lb

Butter Lettuce – Nurturing Roots Farm, Beacon Hill – $2/head

Plant Starts! Eggplant & Shishito Pepper – CityGrown – $2/ea

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